salad spinner looks like this
To help greens like lettuce keep in the refrigerator longer, you really need a salad spinner. They cost about 20 dollars US and can be purchased at places like Target or K-Mart.
salad spinner looks like this
The photo above shows a salad spinner taken apart. I strongly suggest the kind with a "mesh" pattern to let out the liquid (the upper right piece). Some have one way slots and don't work as well.
using a salad spinner
Take the top off the salad spinner. Place just rinsed lettuce leaves in mesh basket (which is inside solid basket). Fill no more than 2/3 full for best results. Put top back on spinner.
If yours has a "lock" holding the handle down, release the lock. Holding spinner bowl down firmly with one hand, quickly push down 4 or 5 times on handle. This spins the lettuce basket, flinging the water off the lettuce into the outer basket. Press the brake button to stop the spinner after it has spun briefly.
Take top off and remove lettuce basket. I "toss" lettuce in basket to rearrange it, then set aside. Pour water out of outer basket into sink. Replace lettuce basket and top. I repeat this 3 times for each batch of lettuce but twice is okay.
I cannot stress enough how superior this method is to every other method I have found. Your salad is crisper and stays fresh in the refrigerator 2 full days longer.

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