Green Salads
Good green (tossed) salads are a big help for getting used to low sodium eating. Use homemade salad dressings - I'm going to be adding several recipes for dressings later - but ya gotta start with the salad itself. It should be crisp, fairly complex in tastes and textures, and should keep well in the refrigerator.
I like to use 3 kinds of lettuce in a salad. Combining types makes a salad less boring. I especially enjoy Romaine, Iceberg, Boston, Bibb, Red Leaf, and Green Leaf lettuces. I believe that every green salad does need Romaine lettuce in it, though.
trimming celery
Trim the ends off celery before washing. Save both ends for making low sodium chicken broth later (it freezes well). Then wash the celery stalks that will be de-ribbed, sliced and put in salad for crunch. A veggie brush is handy for washing stuff like celery. 
brush for washing vegetables
A veggie washing brush like the one shown above is great for cleaning veggies under running water. The shape will conform to most vegetables depending on how you hold it during use. Regularly wash the brush with soap and water, then rinse and dry, to keep bacteria under control.

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