trimming celery
Trim celery first by cutting off both ends. Note that celery leaves taste fantastic in soups and stews.
veggie brush to wash celery
Wash celery stalks thoroughly, then dry with paper towels. Washing celery is easiest with a vegetable brush like the one shown above.
washed and trimmed celery
This is where you should be now, with trimmed, washed, and dried celery stalks.
celery has now been cut in half
I find celery much easier to work with when I cut each stalk in half at this point, as shown above.
derib celery
Deribbing celery leaves the crunch and flavor but removes that "stringy" chewiness.
Use a small, thin-bladed paring knife and just place the edge under a couple of the "ribs" at one end.
derib celery 2
Pull up and toward you, using your thumb as shown above to grab a few "ribs." A fairly light touch helps.
Keep pulling till they're pulled clear off the celery stalk.
Repeat until all ribs are off the stalk - it usually only takes 3 to 4 "pulls." 
slice celery at an angle
To expose more surface area to any cooking you might do to it, slice celery at an angle as shown above.
sliced celery is ready to use
Slice celery stalks beginning at the narrow (smaller) end, and slice to desired thickness.
Thickness shown is about standard for "sliced" celery and for green salads.

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