carrots in the rough
Trim all green parts off carrots, then wash and dry them. A vegetable brush is good for washing carrots.
carrots peeled and trimmed
Trim both ends of carrots and cut out any bad spots, then peel with a peeler like the one shown just below to remove gnarly outer surface.
This sort of hand peeler works well for peeling most fruits and vegetables. Scrape using one side of the blade to peel. Scrape with the other side of the blade to just scrape (very, very light peeling).
carrots after shredding
For salads, shred carrots using a standard shredder as shown. Hold the shredder down with one hand and hold the carrot in your other hand, holding carrot by larger end, shredding smaller end first. Just push carrot toward shredder while moving it down toward counter. Repeat until done - watch your fingers! You can also slice them just like celery or into longer chunks depending on the recipe. Your carrots are now ready to use.

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