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Foolproof Fish

by Marsha

two 6-ounce  salmon fillets
2 THellman's Light Mayonaisse
2 tfresh dill
onelime wedge

Preheat broiler and broiler pan (line with foil for easy cleaning)

Rinse and dry fish fillets

Combine mayonnaise with chopped dill and a generous squeeze of lime

Spread mayonaisse mixture thinly over fillets

Place fillets on lightly oiled (use Pam or olive oil) pre-heated broiler pan

Place under broiler about 5 inches from heat source. Cook fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness at the thickest point. Mayonnaise coating will turn bubbly and brown; if it starts to burn, place a small piece of aluminum foil over the fish

Check for doneness by separating flesh at thickest point. Don't overcook!

Sodium content in milligrams
two 6-ounce   salmon fillets 198
2 T Hellman's Mayonaisse   160
Recipe total = 358 mg

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