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onefryer chicken, cut into serving pieces
2 tJon's Chicken Spice
one tred pepper flakes, crushed
2 mediumonions, cut into quarters
32 ozhomemade chicken broth
4 freshtomatos, cut into quarters
16 ozfrozen whole okra
4green bell peppers, seeded and cut into big chunks (8ths)
one tchili powder
4 TNo Salt Added tomato paste
juice of one lime  freshly squeezed
4 TNo Salt Added butter

Place chicken, chicken spice, red pepper flakes, onions and chicken broth into large pot. Heat to low boil, reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes

Add green bell peppers, chili powder, lime juice and tomato paste. Mix well. Simmer 15 minutes more

Add tomatos. Simmer 15 minutes more

Add okra. Simmer 15 minutes more

Remove meat and vegetables, and let butter melt over the top of them. Leave broth in pot

Reduce broth by 50 - 70% over highest heat. It will thicken as it cools.

Either serve sauce over chicken and vegetables, or use it to season cous-cous as a side dish (my preference)

Sodium content in milligrams
one fryer chicken 488
2 T Jon's Chicken Spice 3
one t red pepper flakes 1
2 medium onions 8
32 oz homemade chicken broth 240
4 fresh tomatos 44
16 oz frozen whole okra 10
4 green bell peppers 4
one t homemade chili powder 1
4 T No Salt Added tomato paste 20
juice of one lime   freshly squeezed 2
4 T No Salt Added Butter 6
Recipe total = 827 mg

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