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Cooking Tips

by Jack

I'm Chef Jack - listen up! One thing you have to get used to is that if you don't use salt, you gotta be creative. That means using URBs (html has gotten to me) and spices; And a lot of herbs and spices come as seeds, leaves, roots and other clumpy looking stuff.

Well, you can buy a mortar and pestle or you can be more practical. If you don't have one of those trendy coffee grinders, go to the thrift store or a garage sale and get one. Then you can turn stuff into usable powder.
     Now salt is not just used to make stuff taste better. It is used to kill germs. Well, we are now deprived of that. However, lemon juice, lime juice or any citrus juice (or vinegar - yuk) will do the same thing. They also act as meat tenderizer, but grapefruit on your filet mignon just don't cut it. For pork, chicken, and fish, citrus is great. For mutton - leave it at the store. For beef, other red meat and any food you would like to last longer - throw a bunch of your vitamin C tablets in the coffee grinder and put the resulting powder in a salt shaker and use it. It has very little flavor but it kills germs and it's a preservative.

Standard Tomato Sauce

Buy tomatoes. Mash them, blend them or food process them until they no longer look like tomatoes, but liquid. Strain.

Thick Tomato Sauce

Simmer standard tomato sauce until thick.


Start with the thick tomato sauce described above. Add lots of sugar, some salt substitute and vinegar or lemon juice. Add ingredients a little at a time, tasting as you go. When it tastes like the stuff that goes on the hamburgers and french fries you can't eat anymore, then you have it right. Congratulations! Now throw it away because you can't use it on anything you are allowed to eat.

Pseudo V-8 Juice

You need either a blender or a juice maker for this one. Start with the style of tomato sauce you prefer. If you use the thick kind, you'll need more water. Now you've already got all your spices ground up, right? This is all completely to taste, so you need to go slow.
     V-8 cans say there are tomatoes, celery, carrots - all kinds of stuff - in the juice, so,... if you have a quart of thick tomato sauce, add one medium sized onion, one clove of garlic, 8 ounces of lemon juice, real pepper, maybe half a carrot and half a stalk of celery. Grind it all up and if it's too thick, add water until it seems right. Then stick it in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days. Taste it and add spices as needed, like celery seed, garlic powder and pepper. One half teaspoon of liquid smoke is good too. You can drink this juice or use it as a base for killer soups or sauces.


In the ethnic/Mexican section of the store, buy peppers called "Chipotles in Adobo." They are loaded with sodium but blend them up, add an ounce of lemon juice to them and put them in a jar in the refrigerator. When you make Jon's barbecue sauce or anybody's barbecue sauce, just add a tablespoon of the mixture.

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