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Salt Substitutes

by Sherrell & Karen K

All purpose
2 tgarlic powder
one tbasil
one tdillweed
one t  oregano
one tpowdered lemon rind
Blend well
Store in glass salt shaker
Add a few grains of rice to prevent caking
Herb mix
one tground red pepper cayenne
one tgarlic powder
one tbasil
one tmace
one tdried parsley
one tsavory
one tthyme
one tonion powder
one t  freshly ground black pepper
one tsage
Blend well
Substitute other herbs as desired
For potatoes & veggies
one tdry mustard
1/2 tsage (or sub)
1/2 tthyme
1/4 t  marjoram
Blend well
Sub oregano for mustard if desired
For Fish
3/4 t  dried parsley
1/2 tonion powder
1/2 tdill seed
1/4 tmarjoram
1/4 tpaprika
Blend well
All purpose
1/2 tgarlic powder
1/4 tcrushed thyme leaf
1/4 tonion powder
1/4 tpaprika
1/8 tcelery seed
1/4 tcrushed white pepper
1/4 t  ground dry mustard
1/4 tdried lemon peel
1/4 tfreshly ground black pepper
Blend well

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