Buy a "fryer" chicken - not a "roasting" chicken. I know that sounds odd but fryers are better for roasting.
Make sure your fryer chicken is completely thawed, cut off the plastic, and thoroughly rinse it inside and out under running water. Pat dry inside and out with paper towels. Completely preheat your oven to 375° F.
Now we start with some pictures to help you get started with the actual roasting procedure.
use glass pan for roasting chicken
I don't like any roasting pans I have seen and I break adjustable roasting racks fast, so I use this method. Start with a glass 13 x 9 x 2 (inches) baking pan as shown above.
glass pan and rack ready for chicken
You have to keep the chicken out of its own juices for a great roasted bird. I use a cookie-cooling wire rack for this as shown above. Just put on top of the glass pan. The "feet" will keep it from sliding around.
These wire racks are so cheap that you can replace them as often as desired.
chicken ready to roast
To get a juicy chicken breast, you need to roast the bird breast-down so the juices don't drain completely out of the breast as it cooks. Position bird as shown above, legs (drumsticks) placed close together.
chicken ready to roast
Twist the wing tips back and over the shoulders as shown above. There is no need to sew up or otherwise hold together the cavity.
If you want to keep your oven cleaner, "tent" aluminum foil over the bird with the shiniest side toward the bird, but don't let foil actually touch the chicken.
chicken ready to roast
Put prepared bird in oven and cook for one hour and 45 minutes for an average fryer chicken of 4 to 5 pounds. If your chicken weighs more, it may need longer cooking.
Remove from oven.
beautiful roast chicken
Just out of the oven, a beautiful bird. Let cool at room temperature for one hour. Now tear the meat off the bones and store in tightly covered container in refrigerator or use in recipe immediately.
Meat near bones will look pink but this is due to a protein released during cooking - it is done if you followed the steps above. Further cooking will just dry out your chicken.
If you're not worried about fat in your diet, save and eat the skin too - it's unbelieveably tasty but doesn't work well in recipes.

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