pepper mill  pots and pans
A pepper mill is one outstanding way to add tremendous flavor to low sodium cooking and eating. Fill with peppercorns from the grocery store, then hold the bottom section while turning the top section for freshly ground pepper. If you're going to enjoy low-sodium food, you (or somebody) is gonna have to cook! Get some good pots and pans because they will be used a lot!
 electric steamer electric steamer
An electric steamer is great for cooking vegetables and fish. Steaming loses less flavor and less nutrients than most other types of cooking. Steamers come in different shapes and sizes. Mine is old but still works great.
 spice rack basil plant
Herbs and spices take the place of salt so keep plenty on hand and use them generously. I grow my basil and rosemary fresh as potted plants in the house. My basil plant sits in the kitchen.
 hand blender hand blender accessories
This is a hand blender. Just stick the business end into whatever you would normally run through an electric blender and let it rip. It does a great job. Mine came with food processor and electric whisk attachments as well. I use the food processor attachment quite often.

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