How To Lie Down & Still Breathe

Often with CHF, it is very hard to breathe after just a minute or two of lying flat on your back, or even on your side. Please remember that if you have palpitations or discomfort when lying on your side, roll over and lie on your right side. It really can make a difference.
     When you are standing up, gravity helps drain excess fluid out of your lungs. When you lie down, you lose gravity's help. Because your heart is weak, fluid may build up in your lungs. This causes you to be short of breath, making sleeping really hard. There are a couple of ways to ease this CHF problem:

1 Buy a foam wedge and place it on the part of the bed that supports your upper body
buy a foam wedge use a foam wedge
2 Build a "wedge" out of pillows
use lots of pillows

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