Super Crunches for your stomach
If crunches get too easy or you want to do a tougher movement so you can get great benefit with less reps, super crunches are great. This one works the upper and center stomach muscles so it improves your ability to have sex. It also get easier to bend and straighten back up, to get up and down out of chairs, and to get up off the bed.
super crunches
This first version lets you get used to the movement. Lie on your back on the floor close enough to a wall to raise both legs together and lean your heels against the wall. See first photo above.
super crunches
Keeping arms and legs straight or nearly straight, reach up and touch your toes, moving your legs toward your hands at the same time. This will compress or "crunch" your stomach muscles together like an accordion being played.
Stay at one set of crunches. Work on doing more reps with strict form. There is no such thing as too many reps for crunches.
stomach crunches
Eventually, move away from the wall to work all the stabilizing muscles as well. The basic movement is the same, although you may tend to rock a little like a rocking chair.

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