Alternative Neck Curls for your neck
neck exercises neck exercises
This strengthens an often ignored area - your neck. Over time, this will make all lifting and carrying easier. It can also reduce muscle tension headaches.
Usually, doing neck curls with weights is too hard for a CHFer, especially one without advanced equipment. These are great alternatives for working your neck.
Lie on your back on your weight bench with your feet flat on the floor. Scoot down until your head hangs over the end with no leg attachments.
Slowly raise your head in a natural arc as far as you can without excessive strain. Lower your head slowly back to the starting position.
Work up to at least 15 reps before trying weights for your neck. If this is too hard, try it flat on a bed as shown below.
neck exercises neck exercises
If this is too hard, try using a pillow as shown below.
neck exercises neck exercises
Using a pillow reduces the range of motion and more securely supports the weight of your head. This may be a good way to begin working your neck if you are unsure how strong your neck really is.

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