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 Major Muscle Groups

 Muscle Groups 
 Abdominals (abs, stomach) 
 Lower Back
 Main Function 
 Pulling, Rotating
 Pulling, Rotating
 Pushing, Pulling, Rotating 
 Bending, Rotating
 Straightening, Rotating 
 Pushing, Pulling
 Groups Working Together 
 Neck - Traps - Shoulders 
 Lats - Biceps
 Chest - Shoulders - Triceps 
 Lower Back - Thighs - Butt 
 Abs - Lower Back

We only exercise "major" muscle groups. Trust me - this gets the job done, Muscle groups that work together are best worked on the same day. Groups that don't work together can be worked on the same day. Don't split up groups that work together. See the sample workouts for examples.
     Shoulders are an odd duck since they can be properly worked on more than one workout. Shoulders can be in the same workout with either your traps or your chest. If you don't know what traps and lats are, see this photo.


Recovery - The Key to Strength

We use overloading to build muscle, as described here. Overloading muscles stresses them out. Your muscles need rest time to recover after being stressed out! The biggest reason people don't make progress is not that they don't work out hard enough - it's because they work out too hard or too often. Without enough recovery time, muscle groups will not get stronger.
     For people with heart failure, give every muscle group 4 days of rest before working it again. I do this and get very good results. I divide my body into 4 sets of muscle groups. That's 4 workouts on 4 separate days, then repeat the cycle. See the workout examples for more.


Specific Weightlifting Exercises

Specific Weightlifting Exercises
 Stretch first - See this page  
 Exercise   Primary Muscle Group   Secondary Muscle Group 
 Beginning Neck Curls   Neck   Traps 
 Advanced Neck Curls   Neck   Traps 
 Upright Rows   Traps (back)   Shoulders, Forearms, Grip 
 Rear Pulldowns   Traps (back)   Biceps 
 Dumbbell Shrugs   Traps (back)   Shoulders, Grip 
 Rear Barbell Shrugs   Traps (back)   Shoulders, Grip, Neck 
 Dumbbell Rows   Lats (back)   Grip, Biceps 
 Wide Grip Front Pulldowns   Lats (back)   Grip 
 Close Grip Front Pulldowns   Lats (back)   Biceps, Grip 
 Cable Rows   Lats (back)   Biceps 
 Dumbbell Curls   Biceps   Grip, Forearms 
 Barbell Curls   Biceps   Grip, Forearms 
 Preacher Curls   Biceps   Grip, Forearms 
 Inclined Dumbbell Curls   Biceps   Grip, Forearms 
 Forearm Curls   Grip, Forearms   Biceps 
 Wrist Curls   Grip, Forearms   Biceps 
 Dumbbell Bench Press   Chest   Shoulders, Triceps 
 Dumbbell Flyes   Chest   Shoulders 
 Inclined Bench Press   Upper Chest, Shoulders   Triceps 
 Arnold Press   Shoulders   Traps 
 Dumbbell Laterals   Shoulders   Traps, Neck 
 Dumbbell Tricep Extensions   Triceps    
 Kickbacks   Triceps   Shoulders 
 Barbell Tricep Extensions   Triceps    
 Pushdowns   Triceps   Abs (stomach) 
 Leg Raises   Abs   Thighs 
 Crunches   Abs   Neck 
 Hyperextensions   Lower Back   Butt, Leg Biceps 
 Squats   Thighs, Butt    
 Leg Extensions   Front Thighs    
 Leg Curls   Rear Thighs   Butt, Lower Back 
 Calf Raises   Calves    
 One Legged Calf Raises With Weights   Calves    
 Working Out With Friends   All    

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