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Workout Examples For Stable Heart Failure Patients


Jon's Workout

This workout is designed specifically for me. I have heart failure, cardiomyopathy, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis in both hands, in both wrists, in both feet, and in both ankles; sleep apnea, osteoarthritis in both knees, bursitis in both hips and more.
     For that reason, this is a highly modified workout. I especially strive to increase my bone density due to taking prednisone every day; for this reason I do what is called power training, not power "lifting." Try it if you want, but I am not a doctor and this workout is designed just for me.
     This type training is not for very many people and I don't recommend it to anyone not extremely familiar with bodybuilding. This page is here only because lots of people want to know how I exercise with weights.

 Exercise   Muscle Group   Sets   Reps 
 Day One
 Good Mornings   Lower back, butt, leg biceps (hamstrings)   3   2 to 6 
 Bent-over Barbell Rows   Lower back, lats, traps   3   2 to 6 
 Squats   Entire thighs, butt, abs   3   3 to 6 
 Donkey Raises   Calves   3   20 to 30 
 Reverse Crunches   Abs (especially lower abs)   one   20 plus 
 Crunches   Abs (especially upper abs)   one   20 plus 
 Stomach Vacs   Pelvic floor, abs   3   one 
 Exercise   Muscle Group   Sets   Reps 
 Day Two
 Military press   Front shoulder, middle shoulder, triceps   3   2 to 6 
 Reverse overhead dumbbell laterals   Front shoulder, middle shoulder, traps   3   3 to 6 
 Arnold presses   Front shoulder, middle shoulder, rear shoulder   3   2 to 6 
 Wide-grip triceps pushdowns   Triceps, shoulders, abs   3   3 to 7 
 One-arm reverse pushdowns   Triceps (especially the longest head)   3   3 to 6 
 Exercise   Muscle Group   Sets   Reps 
 Day Three
 Barbell Shrugs - 2 sets in front, 2 sets behind back   Traps, grip strength, lower back   4   3 to 6 
 Neck Curls   neck, traps   3   2 to 6 
 Barbell Curls   Biceps, grip strength   3   2 to 6 

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