Chair Dips for your triceps
chair dips
Use a chair that won't tip over or break. Also be sure it won't slide across the floor. This works the triceps, then shoulders and some upper chest.
Squat in front of the chair facing away from the chair. Place your hands on the front edge of the chair seat at roughly shoulder width apart. Extend both legs out straight in front of you, heels on the floor. You should now be in the position shown in the photo above. Notice that arms are not quite completely straight!
chair dips
Slowly bend your arms, lowering your body down as far as you can go without pain. Slowly return to starting position - do not straighten arms completely, just almost. Repeat as many times as possible.
The next two photos show an advanced, more difficult version of the same exercise.
chair dips
Do the exercise as described for the uppermost two photos but keep your heels on a second chair as shown above. Slowly lower as far as possible without pain.
chair dips
Return to starting position and repeat as many times as possible. This kind of dips are a good way to build arm and shoulder strength in general.

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