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Jon 9-4     generic Coreg out tomorrow in general
Jon 9-4     helping me restart the forum by the way you use it at first
Jon 9-21     oops!

Jon, September 4, 2007 - Hi everybody, According to my local pharmacy and my cardiologist, generic Coreg should be available locally pretty much everywhere by tomorrow. So if you have a Coreg prescription and it's not Coreg CR, I would ask my pharmacist about obtaining Coreg in the generic version at a much lower price. I hope it helps, Jon.

Jon, September 4, 2007 - Hi Everyone, I know it will be tempting to answer every post on the forum when I first restart it. However, in order for me to continue learning the software and to maintain the forum at the same time, I would appreciate it if everyone answered by e-mail whenever possible.
     This will give me time to continue learning the software while I maintain the forum. The learning curve is more ferocious than I thought possible, and using it in a 1995 freeware HTML editor does not cooperate well with modern speech software. I cannot afford to upgrade my HTML editor, therefore I must simply learn to deal with it. This means I have to learn to do things in a way the software is not meant to do things.
     Give me time and I will get it done. Thank you all for your patience.Jon.

Jon, September 21, 2007 - Hi Everyone, I am sorry for the delay. I thought I was coming down with a serious mental illness as well as increased physical illness. It turned out that my testosterone level jumped from mid-normal to twice high-normal in one month (up to 1445). The symptoms were severe, so much that I stopped driving, much less trying to get the heart forum back up.
     Now that I have adjusted my Androgel (testosterone supplement), I hope to be back to my usual irascible self soon and can then continue with getting this forum back on track. Go figure - no one said it would be easy. <g> At least, my new health problems have given me a personal insight into all of your lives who suffer with multiple chronic illnesses so I guarantee that my empathy level is much higher and I will be doing more research into other illnesses that many CHFers suffer over time in addition to their heart failure.
     Again, thank you all for your patience. On another topic, apparently, Disability Determinations has decided I qualify for SSD without a hitch as long as their review doctor doesn't muck things up. They don't think he will. The extra income will make my stress level much more manageable, and that will help me keep things going once they're going. Of course, I have to wait 5 months for that first check so that's going to be very, very tight. Jon.

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