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Jon 7-17     update

Jon, July 17, 2007 - Hi all, I'm not dead yet everyone. I see my PCP this afternoon for talk about pain relief and hopefully we can get me back online in short order. I went through a period of kidney failure and extreme meds changes, then after my kidney function returned to reasonable, another extreme meds change.
     I am filing for disability and will see an attorney this week, so maybe I can get an income that way to take some of the pressure off me and my wife while I work to getting back up to speed online. My wife is doing well as is my daughter, and our puppy "Mad Captain Jack" (yes, that's his full name) is doing great, except I had to special order a collar for him online since at 6 months, his neck is already considered "giant breed" size. <g>
     Here's hoping I can play some catch up - slowly - over the next couple of weeks. Jon.

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